Hirschmann TRS 05 iFLEX

Hirschmann TRS 05 iFLEX

Hirschmann TRS 05 iFLEX Hydraulic Lattice cranes LMI System

Wireless Upgrade for Mobile Cranes

 The Hirschmann TRS 05 iFLEX  is compatible with most Hirschmann/PAT systems on hydraulic or lattice cranes
Uses existing console and central unit
Supports up to four wireless sensors at one time
Sensor options include load, angle, wind speed, and A2B
Pre-set limits with audible and visual warning (if existing
system has capabilities)

System meets ANSI B 30.5 standards
FHSS Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum Technology
Pre-wired for quick and easy installation
Unique, serialized transmitter identifiers are used to ensure
proper operation even when other cranes are working in the
Optional repeater
Also available as a stand alone system

All Hirschmann wireless sensors install quickly and easily and have an operating range of up to 1,000 ft.

The Hirschmann TRS 05 iFLEX incorporates the standard Hirschmann A2B switch that is currently used industry wide on thousands of mobile cranes. All electronics are sealed and potted which make for a rugged and durable switch.

Load is measured to an accuracy of + 1% FS with 15k and 45k options.

Hirschmann TRS 05 iFLEX wireless angle sensor is compact and durable in design. The boom angle is measured to an accuracy of +/- 1°.

iFLEX TRS05 Wireless Sensor Options Hirschmann‘s three cup wind speed sensor is designed for operation in adverse environments and measures to an accuracy of +/- 2.5 mph.

The PAT TRS 05 system interface has been designed to use radio communication for load sensors. The TRS 05 receives a radio signal from a transmitter sensor and converts a signal as a replacement for the existing hardwired sensor.

All system functions and error codes will remain the same for the DS350 system.

The PAT TRS 05 has the following features:

Can be hardwired to most PAT systems, and certain crane systems.

Wireless operation of 4 sensors.

Minimum of 500 feet LOS.

Easily and clearly shows the operator required information for the radio sensor.

Power LED (red)

Link condition LED (green)

Hirschmann TRS 05 iFLEX  Hydraulic Lattice cranes LMI System sensor options

Hirschmann iFLEX TRS 05 Brochure

Parts from: Manitowoc, PAT, Greer Company, Hirschmann