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Greer Hoist Drum Rotation Indicator Kit (Greer HDR 330)

Greer HDR 330 Greer Hoist Drum Rotation Indicator HDR330


 Purchase a new Greer HDR 330 K240260 from the Basil Equipment Store

Effective and sensitive indication of rope movement directly into the cab.

 Greer Hoist Drum Rotation Indicator (Greer HDR 330)

The slightest  movement is clearly felt and seen

• High Torque – Provides accurate and confident indication even at very low speeds

• Bidirectional – Follows and displays clockwise and counterclockwise direction of drum rotation with equal precision and torque

• Long Life – Minimum moving parts, friction and wear, allowing long and reliable operation

• Easy Installation – Using existing mounting hardware and levers, or universal bracket available

• Dual Station – Splitter cable and second indicator in- cluded for installation into a dual cab configuration sealed box

Driver – Solid state electronic translator and power driver; 12V and 24V available; 5” x 5” x 4”

• Indicator – Electric step motor; built-in clamp to attach to control lever; knobbed rubber indicator cap’;

2” x 2” x 3”

• Speed – Zero to 200 RPM continuous. Indicator may be stalled for any period without loss of operation or tactile feel

• Power – 12V or 24V, 5 amps

• Remote Distance – Up to 200 feet (extension cable available)

• Operating Temperature – -40°F to +130°F

• Storage Temperature – -65°F to +80°F

• Shock – 15 G, 11ms

Greer Hoist Drum Rotation Indicator (Greer HDR 330) Kit Configurations

• K240260 – 12V Single Station

• K240261 – 12V Dual Station

• K240262 – 24V Single Station

• K240263 – 24V Dual Station


The Greer Hoist Drum Rotation Indicator Kit (Greer HDR 330) includes three basic

components: a TRANSMITTER, a DRIVER, and an INDICATOR.


FAST INDICATION: Operator “feels” the direct Drum response which assists in controlling the operation of the lever.

HIGH TORQUE: Provides accurate and stable indications even at a very slow speed.

BI-DIRECTIONAL: Follows and displays the direction of the drum rotation (clockwise or counterclockwise) with equal precision and torque.

LONG LIFE: Allows long, reliable operation with a minimum of moving parts, friction, and wear.

EASY INSTALLATION: Uses existing mounting hardware and levers. (Universal hardware is available.)


Bi-directional sensing, pulse generator,

coupled to the drum by a 5″ rubber wheel

Housed in a 3″x 3″ x 2″ box.

Wire cable for driver interconnection

DRIVER – A240240 (12 volts) or A240241 (24 volts)

Solid state electronic translator and power driver

Housed in a 5″ x 5″ x 4″ box

Two-wire 12 or 24 volt battery input connection (voltage must be specified)


Electrical step motor with clamp attachment provides lever control

Output to a “toothed” indicator rubber cup

Housing 2″ x 2″ x 3″ with an overall length of 6″

Wire cable for driver interconnection

Can be used in dual operator station, such as boom trucks with second indicator + splitter cable available upon request.


12 VDC, 5 amps/24VDC


0 to 200 RPM continuous

(Indicator may be stalled for any periodwithout loss of operation or tactile feel)


Up to 200 ft. – Extension cable available upon request.


–        40 °F to + 130 °F

Click Here for the Greer Hoist Drum Rotation Indicator (Greer HDR 330) Installation Manual

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